Photo by Caitlin Fitch

Miri Mara, a FORMER Italian fashion designer, BRINGS A UNIQUE TOUCH OF STYLE  to the California ceramics worlD. 

Miri Mara works in Carpinteria, California where he makes a small production of cast ceramic vases, bowls and cups.

Miri utilizes clay slab to create models with traditional hand building techniques. Once a pieces comes to fruition, he creates a plaster mold to caste a limited production.

Production involves slip casting followed by hand finishing with carved textured design.

Much of his work is patterned, an effect achieved by layers of glaze and multiple firings.

Miri was born in Rome and worked in the Italian Couture. Miri worked in Pret a Porter for two decades in Milan before moving to California, where he discovered his fascination for clay. His work is at once sculptural and functional.

       "Mara’s bowls have what one looks for in a great design — they’re recognizably                   original, yet they also seem inevitable; it’s as though they’ve always been around."  

                                                                                                     -Art Critic, Charles Donelan